Seaton Food Safety Training, LLC is dedicated to reaching every food service establishment, educating every food service employee, and helping to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks.  This can only be done, through the flexibility of convenience to meet your needs by training at your establishment and teaching every employee to protect your business.

Seaton Food Safety Training is proud to offer a highly recognized Pennsylvania State approved Certification and Recertification Program and also employee non-certification training classes.

ServSafe® Certification is ANSI/CFP accredited program.  The ServSafe accredited training program is a Food Protection Manager Certification.  This is a 5 year certification program*.

Our concise, brightly-illustrated training materials break down the microbiological and technical principles in ways that are easy to read, understand and retain.  The text books are written on an eighth grade level and the format will engage the reader in the learning process and promote information retention.

The classes are a combination of participant-focused activities, hands-on exercises, videos, and case studies that reinforce the key messages in food safety protection.  We make learning fun and interactive.

We invite you to discover all the ways that Seaton Food Safety Training can help your operation, and see why it’s important to certify as many people as possible to effectively guard against the threat of foodborne illness.  To get started with a Pennsylvania State approved Food Safety Certification Training Program and employee training classes, register today.

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